“You must master a new way to think before
                                           you can master a new way to be. ”
 – Marianne Williamson

R.I.S.E. is a FREE Networking group, designed with a goal to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs network and connect with one another. We typically meet every other Friday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. 

Due to Covid, we have switched from in person networking to virtual networking, as such, will premiere our R.I.S.E. virtual event on Zoom at 9am.

Networking is the entire focus of our event, so we are going to network, virtually!! When you tune in, tell everyone your business name, and share your website or social media page!! We are innovating doing our part to keep the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving!!

Join us and make some new friends, learn about other small businesses, but most importantly share what you are doing in the business community. You never know who's on the call!! OUR R.I.S.E. VIRTUAL EVENTS HAVE OVER 1000+ VIEWS!

All are welcome to attend!!



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